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Alexis Greaves is a third-year from Orlando, Florida. Her major is Telecommunications - News. She joined FEM, because she wanted to explore different aspects of storytelling in a safe and welcoming environment. She wants to host and interview in the entertainment industry to help fulfill her dream of becoming a talk show host and a successful screenwriter.



Sofia Seidel, from Miami, Florida, is a third-year as a Telecommunication - Production major. She joined FEM Films as a freshman, because the club promotes diversity and creativity. Everyone is able to participate in any role they want. She would like to direct, produce, write, and edit in the film industry. Sofia also really enjoys graphic design and plans on dipping her toes in the industry. Her long-term goals in the industry are to create a feature film and start a business where she can use her graphic design skills.



Marketing Director

Amia Davis is a third-year Telecommunications - Production student with an outside concentration in theatre. She joined FEM her sophomore year to connect with others that were equally passionate and enthusiastic about their own craft. Her life’s goal is to become a film director. She works doing videography, photography, editing, scriptwriting, and acting in hopes of developing a well-rounded skill set to break into the film industry. In the future, she plans to create stories for diverse audiences and increase minority representation on and off the screen.


Digital Communications

Zora Viel is a third-year Journalism major from Boston, Massachusetts. She joined FEM Films to surround herself with creatives from different backgrounds who share similar goals. She wishes to write, design and promote for nonprofit, health and community organizations. She also tries to work in the fashion and makeup industry, promoting sustainable practices. Zora hopes to have her own nonprofit organization based on community building in Haiti in the near future.



Creative Producer

Haley Mueller is a third year Telecommunications - Production student from Tampa. Joining the organization in her freshman year, Haley has worked alongside FEM Members to produce and edit original content. She aspires to be involved in the creation of documentaries, music videos, and films within the industry after graduation.


Media Creator/Shoot Coordinator

Laura San Juan is a third year Telecommunications - Digital Production student, also studying Italian. She is from Miami, Florida and joined FEM in her second year of college. In doing so, she found a space with others that share her similar passions for photography, film and production. Although she is still unsure of where she sees herself in the media industry, she prioritizes her work in photography, while the organization has given her experiences in film production.

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