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Founded by Kris Torres in September of 2018, F.E.M. Films is the newly-started production club at the University of Florida. Student Government does not fund our organization, it is raised all on our own through food fundraisers, t-shirt sales, events we throw, and club dues. Our organization is a production club focused on empowering female producers, directors, videographers, editors, and aspiring talent to come and collaborate comfortably to make wonderful productions.  From promos, to short films, documentaries, music videos and more!

Everything is by students in collaboration with other students looking to add to their portfolio.

F.E.M. FILMS is key in showing young aspiring filmmakers what it takes to build a studio from the bottom up, and allows a collaborative space to network and empower other women with the same interests.

There is no discrimination by gender to join!

We encourage cis men, transgender students, and non gender conforming folk to join as well! 

We encourage this to educate and further bridge the gap in the industry; however, the focus is still to make a comfortable space to collaborate on projects and empower women aspiring to be apart of this industry.

In F.E.M. FILMS we value positivity, encouragement, support, and education. Every member of F.E.M. is dedicated, creative, and innovative. We all are aiming to achieve a goal and enjoy every moment!

“These girls have reaffirmed my purpose and have given me reason to continue, and for that, I will be forever grateful. I consider everyone in F.E.M. the family I struggled to find when I came to UF.

I am extremely proud to stand by these girls and the name F.E.M. FILMS, for this next movement is for the WOMEN. 

Just wait for the revolution. “

-Kris Torres Founder of F.E.M. Films

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Kris Torres is a Broward County native, recent graduate of the University of Florida, and the Founder of F.E.M. Films.

 "All my experiences from South Florida, and my contacts from UF have helped mold this idea into a reality. F.E.M. is my proudest achievement at the University of Florida because of how different it operates than most organizations on campus.

I aspire to go on to create the W.O.E. Network:  Women of Entertainment across the globe and bring women across the world together to collaborate, inspire change, and innovative ways to keep the dream alive. I want to combine entertainment and social activism to expand a global platform for women across the world trying to create change through art."

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